Komatsu is a Japanese multinational company that provides equipment, technologies and services for the construction, mining, forestry, energy and manufacturing industries. After Caterpillar, Komatsu is the second largest manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment in the world. However, in some regions (Japan, China), Komatsu has a larger share than Caterpillar. This company has production activities in Japan, Asia, America and Europe.

ETP company was established in Italy in 1978. Today, the company is recognized as a leading manufacturer of high-quality replacement parts for Komatsu machinery. Currently, ETP distributes its products in over 60 countries worldwide, including Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast and Central Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific region, the United States, Canada, Central and South America. The main goal of this company is to provide quality replacement parts. All ETP products are manufactured using the best raw materials and undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure complete interchangeability with original items. The company’s product range includes engine parts, chassis, gearboxes and drives, gears, water-fuel and hydraulic pumps, pins and bushes, O.Rings, and washers.

Daido Corporation of Japan operates a global production and sales network in five regions: Japan, North America, Europe, Asia, and China. It is the largest manufacturer of several types of bearings in the world, including nearly one-third of all automotive engine bearings and half of the engine bearings for large ships produced until 2020. Additionally, the company holds a significant share of bearings used in trucks, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, and motorcycles, as well as bearings for automotive components such as turbochargers and suspension springs. Moreover, bearings used in turbines for power generation are also produced by this company.

ATON (Private Joint Stock Company) was founded in Iran in 2018. Leveraging 50 years of experience in sales, procurement, and production of spare parts, this company has ventured into the production of heavy machinery parts. Its product range includes chassis components, seals, gears, blades, bushes, pins, rollers, yokes, and shafts.

MV, or Metallurgical Valchiese, has been operating in Italy for years with its advanced productions and impeccable services, making innovation and parts guarantee its primary motto. Products of this company include bulldozer blades, loaders, graders, excavator buckets, mechanical shovels, mini mechanical shovels, loaders, skid loaders, and motor graders.

The company OOZX designs and executes all production processes, from raw materials to all stages of manufacturing (using metallurgical technology for hard metals and precision grinding technology), within Japan. The company has its own specific methods and procedures to increase product optimization. It is one of the largest producers of high-quality engine valves for mining and construction machinery in Japan.

Comforsa company , located in Catalonia, Spain, with over four centuries of experience, has played a significant role in the local economy and exports by bridging blacksmithing and engineering. This brand is renowned for manufacturing forged products, especially engine pistons for heavy machinery, and enjoys credibility and reputation.

The South Korean company DCF is a manufacturer of all substructure components for construction and mining machinery, such as Komatsu, Caterpillar, Volvo, Liebherr, and International. The company’s products include a wide range of track chains, sprockets, shoes, and idlers. With its high-quality products and commitment to consumer rights, all products from this company come with after-sales warranty support.

HR, a family-owned independent company in Germany, specializes in manufacturing highly precise replacement parts for fuel injection pumps for commercial vehicles, marine vessels, and generators. Quality control throughout all production stages, measurement of all standards, and material hardness testing are the main reasons for the high quality of this company’s products.

CH, founded in 2007, is a leading manufacturer of undercarriage spare parts for excavators and bulldozers. The company’s headquarters is located in Shanghai, benefiting from convenient transportation and a factory specializing in automotive parts and heavy machinery industry in China. By utilizing advanced equipment and professional technologies in every process including cutting, forging, casting, machining, and painting, CH has increased the resistance to wear, durability, and lifespan of its products.

The Spanish brand BYG, equipped with its specialized engineering team, not only guarantees the quality of its products but also, through research and development, has positioned itself with the most modern and advanced technologies available. BYG engineers produce new products every day in response to customer needs and ideas. BYG’s goal is to design and manufacture efficient and high-performance products for every application. The company’s productions, made with the best alloyed steel castings, ensure optimal material performance and increase product lifespan. Its products include various types of blades, edges, teeth, and adapters for all mining and construction machinery.

The South Korean company KHP is a manufacturer of all undercarriage components for construction and mining machinery, such as Komatsu, Caterpillar, Volvo, Liebherr, and International. The company’s products include a wide range of track chains, sprockets, shoes, and idlers. Given the high quality of this company and in line with supporting consumer rights, all products of this company have warranty.

For over half a century, GIEFFE branded engine valves for motor vehicles, industrial vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and marine engines have been manufactured and supplied to the market. All products under the GIEFFE brand in Italy undergo thorough examination, inspection, and approval at every stage of the production process, ensuring peace of mind for their usage.