Our mission

Tamin Rah Arya company operates with more than 50 years of experience in the field of importing heavy machinery parts from road construction and mining. Imported products include undercarriage, chassis, engine, gearbox, electric, pump, fuel, turbine and wear parts from 6 countries including Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, South Korea and China. This company is the exclusive representative of ETP, MV, CEP and KHP brands and the contracting party with KOMATSU, DAIDO, OOZX, GIEFFE, DCF, HR, BYG, COMFFORSA and CH brands. It is an honor to announce that, thanks to the grace of God, this company has recently joined the ranks of Iran’s industrial producers by producing some products under the ATON brand. Our customers are large and small companies from road and mining holdings to retail companies in Tehran and other cities. Our vision to attract customers has always been based on honesty, originality of behavior and guarantee of parts.

Supplier of industrial and mining machinery parts

Customer satisfaction 100%
Guaranteed authenticity 100%
quality guarantee 100%