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Tamin Rah Arya, as a leading company in the field of importing road construction and mining machinery parts, proudly offers its services to the construction industry. Our mission is to supply and deliver top-quality and reliable parts for road construction and mining machinery, acting as a driving force for the advancement and development of the country’s infrastructure. With over 50 years of experience in this industry, we are always striving for improvement and innovation to best meet the needs of our customers. With your trust in us, we aim to provide unparalleled and valuable services that can guide and support you in achieving your road construction goals and projects.

The imported products include undercarriage, chassis, engine, gearbox, electrical, pump, fuel, turbine, and abrasive parts from 6 countries worldwide, namely Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and China. This company is the exclusive representative of ETP, MV, and KHP brands and has contracts with brands such as KOMATSU, DAIDO, OXZZ, GIEFFE, DCF, HR, BYG, COMFFORSA, and CH.




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Tamin Rah Arya Blogs is a comprehensive resource for a deeper understanding of the realities and experiences in the field of road construction and mining industry. Join us and expand your knowledge.

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